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orangewebsite 4 sept. 2015

J’ai été bien inspiré de changer, en partie vu que j’y ai encore mon domaine, d’hébergeur. Même s’ils ne le disent pas clairement il semble d’OrangeWebsite se soit fait pirater.



No information as far as we can tell was stolen, however the commercial module in question allowed for remote file upload and the files added to the upload folder and launched were exactly that, a spam script. We did audit the script and it did not appear to do any damage other then send out spam which we’ve taken care of since then but to be completely safe as we can’t take things like this lightly we decided it would be best to just go through all our users and have them update their passwords and scan for any changes made in our main server which only localized to that folder. We don’t expect that any data was stolen but we’d like to be sure. Thank you :)

Best greetings,
Customer Support Supervisor
OrangeWebsite.com – ‘Your solid partner in business’



Dear Clients,

Due to a particular security measure, we’ve decided to enforce all of our users to change their password, at this time you as a client have no access to your Billing Area nor cPanel. Below is a guide on how to reset both of these passwords and we ask that our clients refrain from submitting the same old password as that would defeat the purpose of the security measure we’ve put in place.
The way you go about resetting your Billing Area which should be done first is to do the following:

1. Go to our website at https://secure.orangewebsite.com/pwreset.php
2. Enter your registered email address with us and press “submit”
3. You will receive a validation email to your registered email address with us. Please follow the instructions on that email to proceed.

Once you have done so you can change your cPanel password by doing the following steps:

1. Login to our billing account with us at https://secure.orangewebsite.com/clientarea.php
2. Go to “services” menu located in the header
3. Choose “My services”
4. Click “View details” beside your cPanel hosting account
5. Select “Change password” tab
6. Enter new password for your cPanel account and save changes

If you hve Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server with us we urge you to change your root key from the default key issued by us on delivery. This is stated first hand in the email you receive for extra security but due to slight modification to our security policy we ask that you make sure to change your keys If they are still the default from delivery or at any point you have given out that key in our Ticketing system.

Thank you for your understanding,

Best greetings,
– Customer Service
Orangewebsite.com – ‘Your solid business partner’

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