rClone Browser (Windows, Linux, OSX) : rClone en mode graphique

rClone 31 janv. 2017

Merci à Xavier pour la découverte, à Martins Mozeiko pour la création/publication sur GitHub et AUR

rClone-Browser est un GUI, une interface graphique, pour rClone (avec support du chiffrement). Tout récent, il peut encore comporter des bogues. Je vous laisse regarder le GitHub pour l’installer/construire. Voici les fonctionnalités 

  • Allows to browse and modify any rclone remote, including encrypted ones
  • Uses same configuration file as rclone, no extra configuration required
  • Supports encrypted .rclone.conf configuration file
  • Simultaneously navigate multiple repositories in separate tabs
  • Lists files hierarchically with file name, size and modify date
  • All rclone commands are executed asynchronously, no freezing GUI
  • File hierarchy is lazily cached in memory, for faster traversal of folders
  • Allows to upload, download, create new folders, rename or delete files and folders
  • Can process multiple upload or download jobs in background
  • Drag & drop support for dragging files from local file explorer for uploading
  • Streaming media files for playback in player like mpv or similar
  • Mount and unmount folders on macOS and GNU/Linux
  • Optionally minimizes to tray, with notifications when upload/download finishes


C’est donc très complet ! Voici ce que ça donne sur Archlinux

Cliquer sur Config lance alors le paramétrage de rClone


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